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Swim Docks 


On public and private lakes where dock space is limited or dock sizes are restricted swim docks
(or platform docks) are the perfect solution.




Whether you use it for swimming, fishing or to tie up your boat to it, your swim dock will make the time you spend at your lake more enjoyable.


You choose your preferred decking material that you want to have installed.
We provide the option for the installation of a roof cover and offer a full line of dock accessories.




All our dock components
are available as parts for complete boat dock kits
for self-installation by our customers and as replacement parts.




EZ Dock’s modular dock sections can easily be configured to meet your needs, allowing you to create a personalized waterfront oasis.
EZ Dock’s polyethylene construction provides outstanding modularity, superb buoyancy, functionality, and safety. That makes for an extremely versatile dock system.


From a simple single-section to a multi-section platform with benches, slides and ladders, EZ Dock’s floating dock sections make the perfect swim platform.



Available in multiple shapes and sizes, EZ Dock sections can be configured for anything from simple private residences to complex marinas and platforms.
Want to change your design?
EZ Dock sections can be reconfigured or expanded at any time, simply and easily.


The revolutionary design is durable, slip-resistant and low maintenance to help ensure your time on the water is well spent.    


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